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This course will focus on the following dating methods: Radiometric dating: radiocarbon including advanced applications (statistical analysis, reservoir effects), proper assessment of the data obtained. Geology: K/Ar, U-series isotopes, ESR relevant for archaeology.

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Chemical methods: racemisation, stratraphies (magnetic, tephra, ice, marine stages). Course set-up: 1) C14: natural radioactivity, dating principle, C14 timescale, isotope effects, calibration. 5) isotope geology relevant for archaeology: dating by U-series, K/Ar, ESR.

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2) C14: statistics, wgle matching, Bayesian analysis, applications in archaeology. 6) chemical methods and biostratraphy: racemisation, palynology, isotope stages (lecture by T. 7) dating Pleistocene sites (Boxgrove, Happisburgh, Schöningen, Dmanisi, etc.) The course load will be distributed as follows: * 7×2 hours of lectures (1 ects); * 2 essays of 3,000-3,600 words each (4 ects).

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3) C14: reservoir-effects & stable isotopes, C14 for the archaeologist (“what’s in a date? Essays; one about a specific dating method, the other about a relevant case study.Methods Scientists Use to Date Things Mental Floss

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